The Death of a King: Beltron


Long ago, Rallos Zek’s creations , giants, orcs, ogres, and goblins invaded the Plane of Earth. The Krithgor giant tribe decided to not enter that war. Back in those days, Beltron was their king. The Krithgor were a noble giant race, and their king was no different than his subjects. Sadly, Beltron died not long after the war ended. The tribe put their King to rest deep within Frostcrypt, the tribe’s burial grounds. Rallos was so angered by Beltron’s treason that he laid a curse upon him. Beltron was resurrected as an abomination and went on a rampage slaughtering every giant that was within Frostcrypt, making them the Shades of Zek. That was the saddest day in Krithgor history.

A century and decade have passed, the hunt rages on deep within the walls of the crypt to lift the curse laid upon Beltron. The Wraithguard have lost many valuable soldiers in the war against the Shade king. After putting to rest many lost souls, Diligence proved themselves worthy to aid the Wraithguard and their leadership in the quest to free the cursed souls.

With every former hero of the Krithgor behind them, Diligence marched toward the last room of the crypt, the throne room. The closer they got, the more they can hear the mumbling of the Shade king.

After a long battle, the Shade King’s fate was sealed. Beltron’s corpse lay still on with Diligence surrounding it. As Ragaroth checks his corpse, he found satisfaction in their victory by the smile on Beltron’s face. The lorekeepers of Diligence are still wondering why such a majestic and noble creature had to suffer so much, but then again no one can explain the way of a god. Diligence only wishes Beltron’s soul finally rests in peace.