Job’s Done


Fergarin shifted uncomfortably in his chair, unnerved by the sudden appearance of Echus at his side. To think at one time, the counsel of this giant was once an honored and rare occurance. He had fallen far in the ranks of even his outcast Wraithguards after his involvement in the humiliation of King Odeen. He stared uneasily at this small figure standing before him, this same figure had a hand in the slaying of Geriok, whatever reasons had brought him here, were not to be taken lightly.

“Job’s done.” quipped Echus, while balancing the business end of a Sekv on his fingertips. While he spoke very little, he was the chosen herald for this particular message. After the fall of the shade king, the burden of Lethar and Dyn’leth’s advancing armies stood as the sole threat to Valdeholm. The seemingly endless legions of Drakkin, lead by Stitch and Sothgar, threatened to decimate Valdeholm and lay the city in ruins under the banner of Ashengate. With this simple message, in the form of two severed, vaguely elven heads thrown at Fergarin’s feet, Echus relieved the giant empire of it’s last great struggle.

The curt message struck Fergarin, and quickly spread through the great halls and corridors of Valdeholm. Word reached Commander Haesgrin, Jotik the Guardian and the vigilant Cryptguard Zerakt. Born to be warriors as the chosen race of Rallos Zek, the message came as a reaper, heralding the end of their days on Norrath. All races were born with some purpose, some greater reason to exist and prosper in the name of their founding diety. These giants were born to fight, to become the embodiment of conflict; to thrive on war as their very purpose for being.

But the mantle of warfare was taken from their shoulders today by this one message, from this one rogue. The giants soon began to leave the fortified city gates, unhindered by shade attacks or assaults from drakkin legions. The bonds that war brought to their society were loosened and the giantslost themselves in the complacency that peace brings.

With Ashengate in ruins, Valdeholm’s era had begun to fade. Diligence’s brief tenure in the Serpent Spine mountains had destroyed both empires; one intentionally, and one by the best of intentions. Diligence would soon seek its fortune in an unwaning land, facing an old enemy.