Everything Has A Price

Long ago, Veeshan gave a scale to his disciples. That scale has proven to be nothing more than a Pandora’s Box. One entity took control of it and reigned as master over his claimed land. That entity was Lethar the Black. He confronted and defeated anyone foolish or brave enough to come close. Once a noble dragon, he is now a devious, twisted creature. Lethar was a dragon and dragons are eternal, but with eternity come desire and ambition. Lethar was familiar with those feelings.

Lethar was assigned by the Council of Crystalwing to be the lead guardian of Veeshan’s artifact. In a great night of turmoil, the scale lured him into madness and selfish desire. He claimed the artifact as his own, crushed his opposition and proclaimed himself master of the land. During many decades, he ruled the temple of Veeshan with an iron fist.

Crusaders of the Scale and Scholars of Ro allied together to put an end to his madness. They enlisted the leadership of Diligence to bring back the peace that once reigned over The Serpent Spine. Jenray, who heard the heroic tale of Beltron’s fall to Diligence, asked them to put an end to the war that was ravaging the noble clan of dragon and their progeny, the Drakkin.

Diligence marched toward their task knowing this journey was going to be long and difficult. They faced many dangerous foes and lost many friends along the way, but always kept their heads up and focused on the task that lies ahead.

Ragaroth asked Lethar to step down and face the judgment of his own kin. Lethar, blinded by his own ambition, made a counteroffer to the leader of Diligence: leave or die. With no other choice, Ragaroth give the signal to attack. After an epic fight, many casualties, lost loves and long lost agony, Lethar was put down to his final peace. The price he paid for his ambition and desire through his madness was his own life.

With peace now restored and balance back in place, Diligence moves forward to their new adventures. No one knows awaits them on the horizon, but the gods will surely have something planned for them.