Diligence: A Frostcrypt History


Harfange the Black was born in the primordial era, when the fledgeling pantheon had yet to fully envelop the corners of Norrath. His was the task to bind the Krithgor race together; to stand as a pylon in direct defiance of all other gods. He was the first chieftain, conqueror and King of the Krithgor. For his efforts, Rallos gifted him with Fellwinter, harbinger of the deathly frost. Harfange carved a niche in the world for the Krithgor, and for this, his own protectors followed him willingly into the crypt, sealing themselves and becoming permanent guardians to his legacy.

Fridleif, Master Warcraft was the second king to the Krithgor. Cunning and bombastic, he set everything in place to succeed Harfange after his demise. He ushered in a new era of prosperity for the Krithgor, but at the cost of compromising everything they stood for. His underhanded deals with Ashengate brought him substantial wealth, at the cost of Krithgorian life and land. In the end, he was assassinated by a sect of Zek loyalists, for having given the secrets of the sacred Arcekor blades to Sothgar’s attendants. This regicide plunged ancient Krithgor into chaos. Factions loyal to both Zek and Fridleif engaged in bitter battles of attrition. It was the actions of Wulfnor that brought unity back to the Krithgor. For his treachery, even in undeath Fridleif is cursed to constantly battle for the wavering loyalty of his own men.

Wulfnor, while not a king, was widely respected among all lineages of the giant ancients. Unmatched in gladiatorial combat, and a seasoned lorekeeper, his wisdom was sought by many in times of duress. When the Krithgor faced open civil war, it was his voice that quelled the leaders of the opposition to consider open diplomacy. He realized that the Krithgor race was beset on all sides. Ashengate no longer had a puppet sympathetic to their cause among the leadership. The forces of the Rathe began their slow creep towards the city gates. Even the mythical beasts of Sunderock picked away at the Krithgorian hunting parties. If they were to survive, they had to realize that they were the sole stewards of Rallos Zek. Wulfnor brought the giants unity and a renewed sense of purpose. The highest honor for the lorekeepers of ancient Krithgor was to be buried in Frostcrypt, in the wing of Wulfnor the Gladiator.

The Overseer of the Cryptguard is the unliving codex of all Krithgor who have passed from this life to the next. The building of the Cryptguard took many, many generations spanning Harfange’s era through to Beltron’s reign. The process to add even a miniscule amount of living froststeel to the gargoyle is extremely time consuming and physically depleting for the Krithgor lorekeepers. The end result is a nearly indestructable being comprised of the hardest alloys found in prehistoric Antonica as well as a living piece of every Krithgor who lived. The Overseer knows the most intricate details of the Krithgor, as if it was Tallon’s own scrutinizing eye bearing down on them. Lineages are extrapolated to kings, lorekeepers and betrayers dozens of generations before their time. The secrets the Krithgor have hidden in their blood are visible only to the Overseer. It is said that even if the Krithgor were wiped from Norrath, the Overseer of the Cryptguard would be able to rebuild them from their bones outward.

The northern wing of Frostcrypt beyond the labyrinth, guarded by impenetrable rime golems houses the burial chambers of Beltron, the Shade King. Betrayer of Rallos Zek, he was cursed to become the embodiment of warfare and the source of all tribulations that plague the Krithgor to this day. He was the first to become a shade of Zek and upon his death brought many dozens of living Krithgor into the shadows with a murderous rage. Few remain who remember stories of his life, his actions and his character. All that remains is the image of the shade king: a relentless, remorseless killer who has no need for rest as long as even a single Krithgor breathes.

The halls of Frostcrypt grow with every passing night. With the cowardly Odeen leading Valdeholm, the demise of the first giant race is but a matter of time, save for the few diligent who refuse to see this come to pass. Through wrenching battles, we have crumbled the cryptguard, bested the gladiator, out maneuvered the master warcraft and humbled the founder. However, we honor and remember those that came before us, those that led the Krithgor and saved them from impending destruction, even as we seek to conquer their last remaining legacies. Only Beltron remains.