Two Gods Trampled!

For a century , Mayong was a Norrath citizens worst nightmare. For months, he was a pantheon nightmare, and more specifically Solusek Ro’s nemesis. Mayong Mistmore wanted to plunge Norrath into eternal darkness and have his army of minions defile Norrath of their presence.

Lead by the bloodthirst of their recent victory, Solusek Ro’s and Mayong’s most trusted general, Diligence slowly walked toward the two gods and the battle that had been raging in Solteris.

Attentive to the battle that was revealing itself before there eyes, Diligence troops were attentive to what was going to happen between the two entities. Spotting the fierce warriors from the corner of his eyes Mayong loses his focus on Solusek Ro. Solusek took the opportunity to take his leave, leaving Mayong to his new distraction.

Furious, Mayong turned to face this new crowd “I’m surprised with your prowess, mortals. Once more, you prove better than I expected from any mortals. But now you’ve angered me and its time to put an end to your miserable lives”. On those words, Mayong charged the new arrivals.

Trying to catch their breaths as Mayong disappeared; a Diligence warrior caught a glimpse of Solusek Ro landing near his throne. “You proved yourself useful, little humanoid but you defile my realm and destroyed my most loyal servant, those actions won’t go unpunished.” On those final words, Sol Ro hurled a fiery attack on the restless Diligence members.

Mayong was grinning from the shadows, watching the battle between Sol Ro and the humans, waiting for the perfect moment to strike and put an end to both extending his grip on all of Norrath.


Not being caught off-guard by Mayong’s presence, and gaining momentum against both Divinity, Diligence pressed hard and gained ground against both Gods and finally put an end to their destruction.

Mayong’s dead, his army’s vanquished, Sol Ro lying lifelessly on the ground before them, Diligence proved once more that they can put a stop to any god’s childish game of domination over all Norrath races.