Many centuries ago, Meldrath was cast out of his race, and put into exile for his deviation and his love for necromancy.

That legend’s single goal is to take revenge over the people that put his life in misery. He found new allies and insurgents in Norrath’s lower races like the minotaur leading his abomination from his flying fortress. Meldrath is no longer a mere gnome that wants to take his place in the world; he wants to take revenge upon the entire gnome race.

Having defeated the lower level of Meldrath’s chain of command, Rommuluss and his officers are leading the pace into Meldrath’s mansion. There first objective was to dispatch Breakneck, Master of Arms. This was done swiftly. They took the loot from the lifeless Breakneck and hurried toward the next encounter.

Second commander on the hit list was Krond the Longhorn, yet another minotaur under Meldrath’s crooked influence. Krond proved himself to be more challenging, but Diligence prevailed and dispatched him. Rommuluss pushed forward to put a stop to the insane ‘Doctor’ Brinda Sprocket. Defeating wave after wave of robotic devils and putting instruction into the M.E.G, Brinda exploded in shower of color from a failure in her mechanic-suit.

Next on the list was one of the latest inventions of Meldrath. The Tactical Prototype 27: a complex system of steam tank, drone, and color. After many trials and errors to overcome, Diligence discovered the pattern to beat this encounter.

With only one other obstacle ahead of them before facing Meldrath himself, Diligence proves once again that not only dark creatures of Norrath can evolve, but everyone does.