The Humbling of a King!

odeen3Of the Krithgor race, Geriok was the most cherished of Rallos’ offspring. He rose fast in his stations in the Krithgor army, displaying a tactical genius unmatched since the era of Harfange. But what caught the eye of the god of war was his unparalled ferocity in the field of battle. Rarely do generals let their own blood turn the tide of a war, but time and time again, Geriok proved himself, often found in the aftermath of a battle drenched in blood with a look of abject serenity on his face.

After enough life was destroyed at Geriok’s hands in the name of the god of war, Rallos himself blessed him. Geriok’s fists had become weapons of utter annihilation. He could no longer spar with the other giants, as even what he thought to be a glancing blow left his opponents crippled and maimed. Not long after, he became King Odeen’s personal guard and the Highkeeper of War, leader of the armies of the Krithgor.

However, on this day he fell to a host of Diligence in the name of protecting a stubborn, arrogant king. Many Krithgor were sacrificed needlessly because of one King’s refusal to accept help in their losing battle against the Shades. It was with regret that we humbled the once mighty Odeen to a whimpering shambles of a giant; there could have been another way. But, kings are kings because they do not bend their will at the whim of others, perhaps his descendant will remember that we picked up the torch to set Frostcrypt ablaze when his former failed.