Grenwald’s Demise

Grenwald2After being shown the way into the crypt by the mighty King Odeen, Diligence came face to face with Lorekeeper Grenwald, Valdeholm’s hero of ages past, now a twisted abomination of his former glory.

Ragaroth, guided by his holy blade, led the mighty force against the horde of enemies that stand before them.

Grenwald sent his zombie minions to attack what he thought to be a mere mortal threat. Thalzaar and his group of valiant warriors led the charge killing zombie after zombie. Aldius noticed Grenwald resurrected them as fast as they fell, so he informed his fellow enchanters to play some tricks of their own. After the intervention of the enchanters, the zombies were destroyed.

Grenwald was impressed by the performance of the enemy. With concern for his own safety, Grenwald asked his personal guards to enter the battle to put an end to this foolish game. Icegrind and Frostslash, who were studying the enemies technique as if watching a carefully coreagraphed ballet, stepped in and started their own dancing with the monks. Bendain and Crouching, led by there inner peace, were waiting for their companions to prepare to face these new threats. The signal was given and a loud clash resounded throughout the hall shaking years of dust from every object. Some time later, as the dust settled again and the cries of battled fell to silence, only two corpses remained. Icegrind and Frostslash met there demise.

Fueled by the failure of his guards, Grenwald’s anger forced him to end this game once and for all. Spotting a black and red peon standing in front of him, he decided he would destroy this impudent first as an example to the rest of what awaited them. By the healing magic of the clerics and druids, Beornn stood firm and led Grenwald into a deathtrap. Before he realized it, Grenwald was surrounded by Diligence and could not react in time to save himself.

In the end, the curse upon Grenwald’s soul was lifted. The effort was not without merit or reward, Diligence could enjoy the splendor Grenwald’s treasure; but moreso, bask in the pride that came from rescuing Grenwald’s soul through the force of Diligence.